58009 Toyota Celica LB Turbo

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58009: Toyota Celica LB Turbo

Toyota Celica LB Turbo
Toyota Celica LB Turbo


The very outlandish looking Toyota Celica LB Turbo racing car won the German National Championship in 1977. The car produced an impressive 560bhp which helped it secure victory over many other more famous cars such as the Porsches.

Tamiya released their kit version of the Celica LB Turbo Group 5 racing car in 1978. The bodyset on this model also seemed to change things slightly for Tamiya. Previously they had made bodyshells with a large number of pieces, whereas there was much more molded into one main unit to lower the level of modelling.


The chassis, drivetrain and motor were all identical to the Countach CS (with this kit even having the CS badge on the box). The bodyset on this model is slightly simpler than the Countach and could be argued to be better at producing high levels of downforce and so better at handling. Although in reality it would be hard to say the Countach CS is better or worse.


The bodyset for this kit was reissued around 2001 along with many others and sold to hobbyists at Japanese model fairs. They were produced in very limited quantities and sold extremely fast. The reissued bodyset was different however as it was produced in white rather than the blue plastic of the kit.


These cars are extremely rare to fine for sale these days. Even with the bodyset reissued the cars are hard to find, as are the bodies on their own. They are also quite a good car and so people like to build and drive them even.

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